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Dedicated engineering, Dedicated partners. 

Proudly designed and created in the Tennessee and Florida, Stabilus 3D is a US based firm dedicated to the advancement of 3D Printing.

Stabilus 3D was created by Chris Scholl. 

Over 12 years ago Chris purchased a 3d printer and since has contributed many ideas, fixes, and STL files to the open community. His latest contribution to the community is a 1000x500x500mm printer frame designed for high speed FDM printing.  

3D Printer Kit

Stabilus 3D Printer kits were designed by engineers to be strong, rigid, and to absorb resonance that would typically cause abnormalities in your print. Ringing, echoing are a thing of the past with Stabilus 3D. Structural dampers with has shown to reduce negative effects. Simulation aided engineering design motor and frame dampers.

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