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LF1- Long Format Frame Kit

Price $995.00

Are you looking to upgrade your 3D Printer? Are you a tinker, builder, or experimenting with 3D printing?

Allow us to introduce the revolutionary Stabilus Long Format (LF1) 3D Printer Kit that will elevate your hobby or trade to new heights!

Choose your frame with an aluminum finish, or pick one of 5 colors during checkout. Email us for additional colors!

Take your printer to the next level with LF1!

The Stabilus LF1 kit is a large format 3D printer foundation designed as a modular X-Y-Z platform providing strength, power, and flexibility. The LF1 is made from corrosion-resistant, lightweight, extruded aluminum; constructed to be precisely square, ensuring quality operations.

With a 3D printable area of 700mm x 400mm x 300mm the LF1 is 220% larger than a standard printer. With the LF1 your able to print objects over 3 feet long! 

Stabilus 2021 Revision

*New* - Dual C14 Panel Mount Power Inlet Plugs

*New* - 2x 22mm cutouts for Push Buttons

*New* - Taller side supports strengthen vertical pillars

*Some images are simulated to show color
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Premium 3D Printer Soft Cover

Price $249.00

We are proud to introduce the second version of our 3D Printer Cover

The new Premium LF1 3D Printer Cover is made from a hybrid performance fabric typically used to make covers for boats and planes. The cover features a front-side fabric coated with Perfecta Marine technology. This creates superior heat reduction, heat reflection, moisture and dust protection, and exceptional UV performance. The backing, made of warp knit polyester fabric, and provides and bright white, abrasion-resistant, sound muffling, and insulating surface. Dual zippers allow for wide front access, and metal grommets on both short sides allow easy access for filament.

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Print Head Assembly

Price $55.00
Print Head Assembly for the Stabilus LF1. The Print Head Assembly was designed to include: BL Touch, Two 40x40x20mm Turbo Blowers, BMG Extruder, Phaetus Dragon Hotend, Nema 17 'Pancake' Stepper Motor, Heatsink, and RJ45 Breakout Board (to carry 5v, 12v, BL Touch wiring, and therms) . The assembly was designed to connect to the LF1 Gantry Print Plate.
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