Our Most Advanced Cartesian Style Large Format FDM 3D Printer Kit A

Available with Duet3 6HC and 3HC expansion boards, with Raspberry Pi 4 and 7 inch touch screen. An 18 x 36 inch heated printing surface. 500 watt 24v power supply. 8 Stepper Motors, G32 Auto Leveling, and G29 Mesh Calibration

The Kit includes:

Top Frame
4 Vertical Columns 
Bottom Frame
2 Base Plates
4 Top Plates
Print Head Connecting Plate
X, Y, Z Rails
7 Cart Kits (Wheels, Plate, Bearings, Nuts and Bolts)
T-Nuts and 5mm Bolts
4 x Z motors
2 x X motors
1 x Y motor
1 x E Motor
All motors independently driven by Trinamic 5160
24v 500W Meanwell power supply
Duet3 3.2 / 6HC Expansion / Raspberry Pi 4B
BL Touch / Auto Leveling G32 / G29
Custom High Speed Print Head
18 x 36 glass printing surface
1800 watt 110v heated bed
700 x 400 x 300 mm print build area
Portable, Locking X/Y carriages for travel

Stabilus 3D

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